How CCT Helps Government Agencies

Providing reliable and safe transportation options for the growing population of older adults.
Governments have special obligations to disabled people. Partnering with ADA-compliant transportation companies is one way to meet those obligations.
Thirty percent of all scheduled riders are left without seats. Government agencies can use STAR together with paratransit options so that riders won’t have to do without.
Connecting people with disabilities to drivers who are trained in sensitivity issues and safety standards.

The benefits that governments receive from
paratransit far exceed its costs.

Exceeding value expectations

Government agencies that use CCT’s services pay lower transportation costs than they would if they used other types of service providers. This lets agencies save money over time.

Leading by example

Government agencies meet their contracting goals by providing opportunities to disadvantaged businesses. Also, in supporting such businesses, governments lead by example, and that strengthens citizens’ perception that the government works for them.

Establishing alliances

Subcontracting or partnering with larger companies can help fulfill their obligations to other government entities. Building relationships can only help the government serve its partners—and its citizens—more effectively.


Our Certifications and Capabilities

CCT holds a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certification. Our NAICS/Industry Codes are:

  • 488999 All Other Support Activities for Transportation
  • 485991 Special Needs Transportation
  • 485991 Paratransit Transportation Services
  • 485310 Taxicab Dispatch Services
  • 561422 Customer Service Call Centers
  • 561720 Janitorial Services