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Connecting With Our Community



Local public transit agencies across the Southeast—and the country—are most likely to contract with private firms like CCT that provide cost-effective paratransit services for riders who live with disabilities.



Hospitals, non-emergency medical facilities, dialysis centers, health insurance providers, and assisted living and long-term care centers can partner with the STAR network for transportation coordination services.

From Our Family To Yours,
Changing Lives One Ride At A Time

Rider in a car
Delivering quality no matter who you are

We are passionate about treating everyone with dignity and respect. We offer ADA paratransit services and private pay services regardless of a rider’s disability status, income level, or location.

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Caring about you—because you matter

We’re in the business of human dignity. Respect is key to everything we do, and we provide safe, efficient, and affordable paratransit transportation services because we’re passionate about helping others.

What Our Clients Say

“Her organization gives the personal touch needed when supporting our clients in their most vulnerable times. Therefore, I would endorse her to handle any task that you want a job well done in.”

Chris York

General Manager
MV Transportation (Orlando)

“This organization went above and beyond to partner in providing additional training that established commitment to great customer service”

Shameka Brown

General Manager
MV Transportation (Atlanta)