How CCT Helps Businesses

Provide excellent customer service when booking rides through call centers. Accommodate customers during their journey by getting them to their destination promptly and safely
Build relationships with ADA-compliant drivers that are dedicated to providing affordable transport.
Offer premium ride services through our sister company, STAR Transportations, for customers who are mobile adults age 50 and older.
Shorten commute times for your customers while making their travel experiences more meaningful.

CCT gives older adults more chances to connect, helps you partner with other service providers, and brings people together.

Providing Personalized Services

Individualized services can help underserved populations such as older adults become more comfortable with traveling. We can help subsidize your clients’ rides through our voucher program.

Creating Relationships

Organizations such as medical facilities, dialysis centers, long-term care homes, and health insurance providers appreciate the fact that the STAR network assist riders during their time of need and accommodate adults requiring supervised care.

Uniting the Community

Safe transportation options make for livable cities, especially those with growing populations of older adults. And a livable city is good for business. It produces more customer traffic and higher revenues.


We’ll Take You There

Life shouldn’t stop just because you’re getting older. We have a personal obligation to be efficient with your time. We are at the center of your journey in the community. Take a ride with us for leisurely outings, business meetings, appointments, or anywhere else you want to go.